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Worldwide services
from Türkiye.

As Dünya Haberleşme, we work for our country with the understanding of
"The one who loves their country the most and does their job the best"
, producing professional solutions.

Smart and Secure World.

We've combined cognitive technology with our high-quality standards.

We Respect Nature.

With a sense of responsibility derived from our name, we prioritize energy efficiency. We operate on the principle of minimum energy for maximum efficiency, without compromising on quality.

Dünya Haberleşme

With its limited facilities and staff at the beginning, Dünya Haberleşme has been continuing its activities with its expert staff in the field of integrated building control systems and data communication by expanding its service and service network in recent years by gaining the appreciation and support of its affiliated organizations with its successful works in the fields of installation, service and technical support.

System and Infrastructure Solutions

For a Smarter, Safer World...

Combining smart technology and imagination, we offer vision, audio and AI-based solutions to improve security and optimize business performance.


Years of Experience


Project Implementations


Public Projects


Service in the Country

Superior Brands, Strong Service.

World Communications has been the choice of those looking for the best with its 20 years of experience, superior quality standards, unique service and support network.

We aim for excellence in our services and products based on our principles.

Service Areas

Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Shopping Centers and Stores

Tourism Facilities

Industrial Plants

Business Centers and Plazas

Residences and Mansions

Tunnels, Subways and Airports

Telecom and Data Processing Centers

Dünya Haberleşme
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